Testosterone is the male sex hormone produced naturally in the body and a strong injectable steroid with high anabolic and androgenic effects. It causes an increase in strength, muscle size, bone mass, mood, sex drive, red blood cell production and lower fat distribution. Athletes use testosterone to increase energy, muscle growth and get massively strong in a short period of time. Joints are lubricated due to water retention and the increased blood flow causes a pumped effect during exercise.

Summary: High anabolic rating, high strength and muscle gains & reduce fat deposits.


Testosterone dosage & side effects

Testosterone is available as 100-400mg injectable vials and ampoules. An effective dose is 100mg every other day (propionate), 250mg per week (cypionate, enanthate, sustanon 250) or up to 0.15mg per pound of body weight. Testosterone can be stacked with most anabolic steroids and forms base of most bulking and cutting cycles. It stacks well for muscle growth with deca durabolin or trenbolone at 250mg per week. Mass growth with anadrol at 50mg or dianabol 15-20mg every day. Harden muscles with anavar at 20-25mg every day, equipoise at 250mg or masteron at 200mg per week. Sustanon 250 is a popular steroid for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) dosed at 1x 250mg injection every 2-4 weeks. It’s a blend composed of 4 esters; propionate 30mg, phenylpropionate 60mg, isocaproate 60mg, decanoate 100mg. It has a longer and more stable release time than single ester oils.

Testosterone carries a long list of side effects at higher concentrations. It’s aromatization to estrogen is very high and can result in gynecomastia (bitch tits), increased fat storage and require anti-estrogens arimidex, aromasin, femara or nolvadex. Testicular atrophy and suppression of natural testosterone production (HPTA) can be treated with 3x HCG injections at 500iu 5 days apart every 6-8 weeks and then clomid or nolvadex at the end of cycle. Cystic acne vulgaris can form on the face, neck, chest, back, high blood pressure as a result of water retention, increased hair growth/loss, mood swings and aggression side effects may occur.

Drug: Testosterone suspended or blended with cypionate, enanthate, propionate esters
Anabolic/androgenic: 100/100
Effective dosage: 250mg per week
Detection period: 3 months
Half life: 10.5 days (enanthate)
Price: TBC

Testosterone products

Testosterone is sold at various retail pharmacies in Thailand as vials & ampoules (mg/ml) in the product list below. More information about performance enhancing drugs, buying steroids, peptides and HGH & visiting Thailand for a steroid holiday.

sustanon 250mg amps organon
sustanon 250mg amps/vial Alpha pharma
sustanon 250mg vial British dispensary
sustanon 250mg & 400mg vials Black dragon
sustanon 250mg & 400mg vials Meditech pharma
sustanon 200mg 250mg 370mg & 400mg vials LA pharma
cypionate 200mg amps Body research
cypionate 250mg vial Black dragon
cypionate 250mg vial LA pharma
cypionate 250mg vial Meditech pharma
cypionate 250mg amps/vial Alpha pharma
enanthate 250mg amps Bayer
enanthate 250mg vial Black dragon
enanthate 250mg vial British dispensary
enanthate 250mg vial LA pharma
enanthate 250mg vial Meditech pharma
enanthate 250mg amps Rotexmedica
enanthate 250mg amps/vial Alpha pharma
propionate 100mg amps Body research
propionate 100mg vial Black dragon
propionate 100mg vial British dispensary
propionate 100mg vial LA pharma
propionate 100mg vial Meditech pharma
propionate 100mg amps/vial Alpha pharma
propionate 150mg vial LA pharma
suspension 100mg 10 amps Alpha pharma
suspension 100mg vial Meditech pharma


Testosterone reviews

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The above testosterone reviews are independent end user experiences and may differ due to application, chemistry, diet, exercise program and a combination of other factors. All information is general information for reference purposes only and must not be interpreted as advice or to promote the use or sale of anabolic steroids and substitute products.

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